Rubber Bellows

Designed to keep dirt and debris out of the steering rack, Sahara rubber bellows come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, construction and elastomer coated fabrics/ rubbers to suit diverse application requirements of vehicles.What sets apart our rubber bellows is the annual convolutions that make them easily extensible and compressible. A wide variety of Sahara rubber bellows are available including single ended rubber bellows, double ended rubber bellows, rubber bellows with ribs and rubber bellows without ribs to suit different industrial applications.

Sahara Rubber Bellows: asily extensible & compressible

What makes Sahara rubber bellows an important component for automobiles, especially steering system of cars is the excellent cushioning effect they provide.

  • Protect, cover, and enhance life of different machine parts
  • Required in Motion Coupling, Chemical, Electrical Contacts, HVAC, Petrochemical segments
  • Made of elastomer coated fabrics
Protect the life of your machine parts with Sahara rubber bellows:

Essential for protecting, covering, and enhancing the service life of various machine parts such as lead screws, spindles, shafts, guide ways, pistons, and cylinders from dust and other foreign particles, Sahara rubber bellows are the best in the market known for their precision, performance, and great cushioning effect. Step up your performance in sophisticated production lines with bellows that are easily extensible.