Rubber Diaphgrams

Looking for diaphragms that have a great sealing effect and assure long-term healthy working of machineries? Look no further. Sahara Rubber Diaphragms ensure that and so much more! Made of a special elastomeric material, they add durability, flexibility, and adaptability to sophisticated production lines. Available in different finish configuration choices, they match perfectly with the specific process working demands you have in mind.

Sahara Diaphragms: Superior Resistance

Made of high-quality elastomeric material, Sahara Diaphragms serve as the perfect rubber seals for a variety of applications.

  • Superior chemical and physical properties
  • High/low temperature resistance
  • Strong resistance to oil and dirt
  • Available in different materials like NR, NBR, SBR, and EPDM
Sahara Diaphragms offer superior resistance:

Used across many industries, diaphragms are an important component for assembly of pumps, valves and actuators to control and direct the flow of fluids. Sahara Diaphragms are flexible seals that prevent unwanted transmission of substances between two places. Tough and dynamic, by nature, these offer superior resistance to oil and dirt. Preferred by the industry-best stalwarts, they are used in automobiles, industrial electrical equipment, and construction machinery.