Rubber Fenders

Fenders are the most important component when it comes to absorbing collision impact between vessels and dock. Installed always on docks, Sahara rubber fenders protect the ship and the dock. They redefine strength, longevity, and are extremely durable. Suited for high-end pressure areas, our solid rubber fenders have been used for ages since they are readily available and are considered long lasting. What sets them apart from other rubber fenders in the market is their high-quality, low-cost, and terrific absorbing effect.

Sahara Rubber Bumpers: Long-lasting & Durable

Sahara Rubber Fenders, primarily known as bumpers, are made to absorb high pressure.

  • Available in different forms like pneumatic type, CO-type, SC-type, and GD-type
  • Low reaction force
  • High capacity energy absorption
  • Offers great stability to ships, docks, and the maritime industry, in general
Sahara bumpers are great shock absorbers:

To help in the process of berthing, massive sea vessels should be embedded with Sahara rubber fenders on the outer surface. This would help reduce shock and eliminate damage to the ship or the docks, thus protecting both, in the long-term. The key to finding the perfect fender is one that has low reaction force, and high energy absorption capacity. Sahara rubber offers that, and longevity.

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